Obama Llama 2 - Party Game

By Big Potato Games


The ridiculous celebrity-rhyming party game.  There's a brand new president, which means that it must be time for a brand new edition of one of our favourite party games, Obama Llama. Don't worry - you don't need Obama Llama 1 to play this game. This time, the party pair have given up their celebrity lives and are taking it easy-breezy on holiday. With all new content, the second edition of Obama Llama isn't just a party game about famous people anymore. Now it's crammed with all sorts of weird stuff, making it a much more suitable family game for young kids, teenagers and adults alike. From "Severus Snape choking on a grape" to "Uranium playing Cranium" to "A T-Rex mixing on the decks", the party game will get the family shouting out ridiculous rhymes in no time. So if you're looking to mix-up the traditional family games night and need an excuse to put Trivial Pursuit back in the family games cupboard, this is the game for you. Just maybe give the neighbours a heads up first. How to Play Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEGtxpfcnGo

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