HEXBUG Micro Ant

By HEXBUG/Bertelli Comms


The Micro Ant has two whegs (wheel legs) to propel it forward. This bug skitters around bouncing off any wall or object in its path, and won’t be stopped. If you’ve never owned a HEXBUG toy before, this is the perfect super fast, erratic bug for you! These self-propelled, motorized, bug-like creatures are some of the smallest we’ve ever made! Super fast and able to scurry across multiple surfaces, have a blast catching all five flashy colors. Available in multiple colors to collect! Autonomous design for hours of fun Batteries included Ages 8 and up

RRP Price (£) 4.99

Categories Children's Toys
Keywords Kids , Mechanical , Quirky , Robotic , Stocking Filler , Toys

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