Bottle 'n' Bar With Spiced Rum

By First 4 Hampers


"Bottle'n'Bar® with Spiced Rum includes a 5cl bottle of The Sweet Potato Spirit Co. Spiced Rum with luxury single origin milk chocolate bar hand finished with crushed hazelnut, raisin and cranberry. Stuck choosing between a bottle of their favourite artisan alcohol or a bar of their most sought after chocolate? Fear not, Bottle ‘n’ Bar is brand new this year from First 4 Hampers, to quench the thirst and satisfy the taste buds of your loved ones, in one luxurious gift. Handcrafted with care, the finest single origin Columbian chocolate delivers a superior quality bar made in the UK with a farm to bar ethos. Paired with artisan alcohol, it’s a gift to be savoured, shared and enjoyed. Each bar contains 150g chocolate and is paired with a 5cl alcohol miniature. "

RRP Price (£) 12.00

Categories Food & Drink, Online Gifts
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