Candylocks Single, Twin Pack & Deluxe Dolls

By Spin Master Toys UK Ltd.


Each doll has 30cm of “cotton candy” hair, which is super soft, super long, and multicoloured, making it incredibly easy to style. The doll’s unique hair texture makes it simple to create amazing braids, twists, buns, and ponytails that won’t fall out. Each doll has its own scent such as vanilla cupcake and cotton candy. Shaped like a cotton candy cone, take her home to reveal who’s hidden under there. Then unwrap the accessories for additional mystery surprises. Collect all 20+ dolls for a super sweet squad! The BFF sets include two themed dolls who match each other with combinations such as Chocolate-and-mint or Cookies-and-Cream! With the same unique hair as the basic dolls, these sets are double the fun! With 4 BFF packs to collect, accessories include 2 deluxe hair accessories and 1 hair chalk in every pack. The larger Candy Locks Sugar Style Dolls feature the same texture of super long locks, with their own unique scents, plus they have removable fashions and lifestyle accessories to offer further play value. With two dolls to collect, there is plenty of super-sweet hair styles to create! Age: 5+ Available: NOW £9.99 Single Dolls, £17.99 Sweet Treat BFFs, £19.99 for the Sugar Style Dolls

RRP Price (£) 9.99

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