Miod Raw Honey Gift Set - His And Hers

By Prezzybox


Beautifully packaged in a cardboard box set the Miod Raw Honey Gift Set - His And Hers is a totally unique present idea for gifting between couples themselves or as a joint present for that couple you know with a penchant for all things sweet… In many cultures the gifting of honey and of honey cake in particular is part of the courtship ritual. This sweet tradition is unmistakably romantic and is one to revive in today’s age of digital love! Containing two types of raw honey this gift set is great for experimenting with baking, cooking and drizzling over cereals and porridge. For him there’s a bold, buckwheat honey that has a hint of cocoa and is said to be good for the cure of a hangover! For her there’s a creamed rapeseed honey that’s smooth and contains dried strawberries for an infusion of fruitiness. Each of the 400g jars are capped with a lid and rustic style paper covers and the set comes with a handy wooden dipper for drizzling.

RRP Price (£) 21.99

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