Foodie Surprise

By Bandai


Is it a collectible? Is it a craft? Is it a sweet? Will it entertain the kids? Well, the answer is YES to all! Foodie Surprise is the world's first sweet making collectible! Each Foodie Surprise comes with everything you need to make yummy gummy sweets in an adorable collectible! Foodie Surprise is a DIY sweet making kit! There are four food carts to collect - from Sushi to Pizza Trucks - each cart becomes the mould to create your sweets and each comes with a sweetie storage collectible and at least 10 surprises inside. You can make 12-15 sweets which are not only edible but the ingredients is all sugar free! Keeping the conscious parent happy and making a perfect treat to make and share with friends. If you're not in the mood for some street food then why not grab a Takeout Box. Each mystery takeout contains all the magic ingredients needed for making your own custom candy creations. Plus an adorable collectable character for taking your gummies on the go! It's as easy as A, B, C a) unbox your food cart or take out b) mix the magic ingredients and create your sweets c) eat now or take to go. Foodie Surprise is the perfect, delicious treat to keep the kids busy or even as an activity for a birthday party. Letting their creativity run riot!

RRP Price (£) 7.99

Categories Children's Toys
Keywords Collectible , Food , Novelty , Stocking Filler , Sugar Free , Toys

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