Secrets of the Human Body by Chris van Tulleken, Xand van Tulleken and Andrew Cohen

By William Collins


You may think you know the human body – heart, lungs, brain and bones – but it’s time to think again. Your body is full of extraordinary mysteries that science is only just beginning to understand. This book, which accompanies a major new BBC TV programme, turns your knowledge of the human body on its head. Leading us through all of these revelations are stories of everyday miracles – the human stories that bind every one of us together through the universal stages of life. From the most extreme environments on Earth, to the most extreme events, we reveal the extraordinary abilities every human shares. Combining cutting-edge science with cutting-edge technology, we see the human body like never before. Featuring pioneering specialist photography, a new generation of digital effects will allow us to catch a tantalising glimpse beneath our skin, leading you to discover the secrets that make every ordinary human body … extraordinary. Chris and Xand have worked on a variety of projects together, including Operation Ouch, a 2x BAFTA winning children's health show on Children's BBC, now in its fourth season. Additionally, the two have collaborated on: Horizon: Fat vs Sugar, Horizon: Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad for You?, The Secret Life of Twins, and Operation Ouch: Blow Your Mind

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